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  • Shane Willis


Big breakfast and a mug of tea please. Great way to start the day while we wait for our flying taxi.

The 4 musketeer’s after a short 4 hour flight land safely and are greeted by sweet warm sunshine and the anticipation of some great diving. Once we off loaded our kit at the dive centre it was of course time to taste the local beer... several times just to make sure it was a good pint.

08.00 pick up the next morning for our first dive which if I recall was the blue Hole, also the resting place of the famous Gozo arch, which was reclaimed by the sea after a fierce force 10 storm.

Large ghostly cream rocks glow in the water where the arch once stood proud. Evan though the sea took her back the remains have been reborn into a mystical landscape, where wildlife has slowly taken hold.

After enjoying scenic dives we had the chance to experience some of the wrecks on offer. The wrecks were the P31 and the MV Cominoland . Both laying on sandy seabed and with fantastic visibility even from the surface there was no trouble in spotting our targets.

Both wrecks posed easy access and plenty of swim through, and with a wash of light pouring in the windows a torch was not needed.

It was decided that for fun, simulated moon walks were in order. Fins off and all air out of vests, one by one a pleasurable stroll then a ladder climb commenced.

Would i recommend Gozo? Absolutely, the diving was relaxing and safe. The guides and the dive centre had great knowledge of the sites and could not wait to help in any way.

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