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About:- Here you will find all the information you need to organise a dive, as a Dive Manager.


The Dive Manager will need to establish as early as possible which divers are available to attend the diving event. Once the Dive Manager has received his return of interested divers, he/she will need to evaluate their level of experience in order to nominate assistant managers, and the level of diving that can be carried out. The Table below outlines assistant manager posts that will need to be filled. If suitably qualified members are not available to fill posts 2-4, the dive plan will likely have to focus on either a hard boat dive, shore diving, or an in-land dive site. Further communication with interested divers should be carried out at this point to discuss options.

Dive Site

Choice of Dive site can now be considered. A list of useful links are included below, Providing information on tide tables, weather, and in-land dive sites. A backup site should also be considered should bad weather make the first choice unavailable on the day.

Risk assessments

A link to a set of generic risk assessments is included here under DM Tools. The DM should read these carefully, and ensure that the Dive Plan covers mitigations for risks incurred at the chosen site.

Dive Plan

Once the DM has completed the Dive Plan, a copy is to be submitted to the DO prior to the event for club approval. This should include details of divers, Assistant Managers, dive site details and proposed diving activities. This can be emailed via the link above.

Club Boat

Instructions and aide-memoire for use of the club boat are included on this page under Dive Manager tools. It is advisable to print this off and take it as a reference on the day. You will need to contact the Boat Officer to arrange for the collection of the boat kit. A comprehensive guide is also listed on how to prepare the club boat for towing, and ensuring your vehicle is suitable and prepared for this task.


Boat Towing

Boat towing could be divided into two separate activities:-

a) Ferrying –When a club member is involved in a weekends diving activity, and also agrees to tow the boat to an agreed club location. In this case, the club would reimburse the member with half of his fuel expenditure for the towing trip. This cost to be included in the total cost of the trip.

b) Transporting - When a club member agrees to transport the rib on behalf of the club, and is not taking part in any related diving activity. This could include acting as cox but not actually diving, transporting the boat for maintenance or any other club approved non-diving reason. In this case the club would reimburse the member with his full fuel expenditure for the towing trip.

Using Members' Boats for Club Dives

The committee has agreed that if members boats are authorised to be used by the Diving Officer for a club dive, then members would pay a diving fee of £10, and

 the club would subsidise the balance of costs with the boat owner. Non-members still pay £25.

Dive Slate

An electronic version of a dive slate can be found under DM Tools. All the fields will need to be filled in, in order to adequately manage the days’ activities. This can be nominated to the assistant dive Manager, whilst the DM is occupied elsewhere. The details recorded on this dive slate will be required by the DO after the days activities are completed.

Post diving Activities

On completion of diving activities, the following actions are to be carried out:-

On site:-

If Using the club Boat

1) Wash the boat and trailer with fresh water.
2) Park in designated spot, wheels chocked with handbrake off.
3) Re-fuel. Record oil and fuel used, hours run in boat log.
4) Remove instruments, battery switch and boat plug.
5) Record any defects discovered for attention of the Boat Officer.
6) Fit anti-theft devices to the trailer.
7) Fit cover back onto the boat.
8) Collect diving fees from divers. (see table)
9) Ensure diving slate is complete.
10) Inform DO of safe completion of Diving Activities. (Text)

If not Using the Club Boat

1) Ensure the diving slate is complete.
2) Inform DO of safe completion of diving activities. (Text)

Off site:-

Within 7 days you must:-

1) Return the boat kit to the Boat Officer, with the updated boat log, and a report of any defects discovered with the boat trailer or equipment.
2) Submit the completed dive report including slate data to the DO.
3) Handover collected dive fees to the club treasurer. Fuel costs for the day can be subtracted from these fees. A tally of these expenses should be included with the fees to the Treasurer.


Dive Manager's Toolbox

Useful Links


Vobster Quay:-

The Met Office, Shipping Forecasts:-

British Sub Aqua Club Home Page:-

UKHO - This is the UK Hydrographic Office which offers free tidal predictions, useful for planning dives

UK Places to dive:-




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