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Training Routes

There are several routes to gain qualifications. Regardless of the route it will be the same course content and qualification, awarded by BSAC.

At SCSSAC  you can choose either to train with the club or you can train with our partner BSAC training Centre DM Scuba.

Different people have different pressures when it comes to cost and time.  Club training is more cost effective but takes longer.  Training in a professional school like DM Scuba is quicker but costs more.

If you want to progress quickly, ahead of a holiday or to complete a course, you can train with DM Scuba on a flexible commercial basis, yet remain a part of our club.  Join our club, train with the centre, dive with our club.

DM Scuba is based in Swindon.  St DM Scuba:

The Ocean Diver course costs £450, which includes all training, course materials and equipment including dry suits.

Training can be arranged on dates to suit you.

For Ocean Diver, if you do the Theory by eLearning the indicative cost is £400, if you have already completed the theory and pool training it is £289, and if you use your own equipment it is £229.

Payment can be made in two instalments, BSAC and CLUB membership costs are additional.

Detailed descriptions of the courses available through BSAC can be found at

To discuss the options through our club contact our training officer on

Contact DM Scuba or visit their website.


Route 1

Training entirely within the club, delivered by our instructors.

This is the traditional BSAC route of training, It has the advantage that you will be a part of club life from the outset and will steadily acquire the knowledge and skills needed from our experienced instructors and divers.

This route is the most effective, but will take several weeks or a few months to complete as it is integrated into the club activity.

Route 2

Training provided by our partner BSAC Training Centre DM Scuba based in Swindon.

Training is provided by a professional school and will be quicker than we can provide within the club. You will be part of the club from the outset but will go to DM Scuba for your training, returning with your qualification.

Route 3 

A mix and match of Routes 1 and 2, in consultation with the club and DM Scuba. This is the middle ground of cost and speed to gain your qualification.

To discuss options contact our Training Officer

Contact DM Scuba Or visit their website


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