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Club Calendar



Club events continue to evolve as the year progresses. A synopsis of up and coming events can be found below. More details can be found by contacting the Diving Officer, or visiting us on a club night. 2022/23 diving events are  reviewed for approval between the DO and the membership.  Dates will be added as they are confirmed.

DIARY 2022/23

  DATE                   PLANNED DIVE                                         ORGANISER

3-10 SEPTEMBER                       LOCALINE                                                                                                      CLUB MEMBER
FEBRUARY 2023                        PHILIPPINES/MEXICO/HONDURAS                                                  CLUB MEMBER TO CONFIRM

22-30 SEPTEMBER 2023        SCAPA FLOW                                                                                                  CLUB MEMBER

TBC                                                 MALTA/GOZO                                                                                                 CLUB MEMBER



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