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Is this REALLY GOZO....

What can I say, for me especially emotions ran high. Four years in the making due to the last crazy few years, finally back to one of my favorite places. Gozo Malta feels like home to me, the feel of that Mediterranean sun blessing our faces when we disembarked from out flying cylinder.

After out transfer from the airport to the island ferry, our Gozo tradition had to be reborn, with a new member of the club joining us, it seemed only right. Not saying this is a drinking holiday but two beers had to be consumed on the short ferry trip. The pallet refresher for the taste of the Mediterranean.

Arriving at our sea view apartments, off loading our kit, there was no time to waste. Off out to enjoy the evening warmth and food.

It was wonderful to see that the island had Survived the last few years and the atmosphere was full of laughter and beautiful smells of spices and warm welcoming food.

Our Gozo warrior showing our new member the ways of the CISK haha.

Rising the following morning, cooked breakfast giving us the burst of energy ready for the first day of exploring the Gozo coast. The day started with a beautiful view from the balcony, the sun rising over the headland of the island.

Kit ready we head to the dive center, where it is humbling to see faces of old are still there and the center going from strength to strength, a warm welcome from our host and dive guides old and new. A tear in my eye that they remember us and even my nick name ( Shrek), a sign that we have a great bond and relationship with this island and the brotherhood and sisterhood in the diving community.

Again the memories of this warm and friendly place will always be embedded in our souls.

Until next time to hunt and explore new sites and seeing you all


Below is a video made by our boat boss, more footage and photos hopefully to added to the gallery.

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