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Hard Boat Diving 16th August Portland

Martin organised another hardboat dive this weekend just gone, (Thanks Mart) and 7 cheery souls turned up at 07:00 at Portland Marina, to board the Charter boat Skin Deeper. It was a beautiful sunny morning, with the bare whisperings of a breeze. We cast off at 07:30, and headed out off shore, to try and beat the windy weather blowing up later. We headed west to the Salsette, and were on site and kitting up at 9ish, in a developing swell. The water looked a bit cloudy from the top, and as we descended to the seabed 45 metres below, it didn't get any better, with a gloomy black viz of approx 2 metres on the wreck. This lead to some epic encounters with fishing line, unexpected wreck penetration, and some interesting ascent plans, but as Rommel knew, no plan survives contact with the enemy, and how we laughed over sandwiches at lunchtime. We plopped in for an early afternoon drift on Stannidge Ledges, during which Graham defeated a mighty flatfish in armed combat, and dragged him home for his supper. By the time we was out, it was blowing up to Force 5 or 6, and we headed home for an early tea. Unfotunately, the Sunday dive was postponed due to worsening weather. (and probably Viz.)

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