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  • Tony Newton

Club Dive Trip to Plymouth

Early in 2014 Nathan Ind decided to book a long weekend club diving trip to Plymouth. He got in touch with In Deep, the dive centre based at the Mountbatten Centre and they were able to arrange diving for the weekend 20 – 22 June on their dive boat Seeker. We were put up in two Bed and Breakfast establishments in nearby Hooe, luckily there was a pub at the bottom of the hill.

On day one the itinerary was to dive HMS Scylla, a Leander Class Frigate sunk in March 2004 as a diving attraction in Whitsand Bay and the James Egan Lane, a liberty ship sunk nearby during the Second World War.

On day two we dived the Persier, sunk by torpedo in February 1945 followed by a drift dive on the Mewstone Ledges.

We had hoped to dive the Maine on the final day but In Deep were insistent that it was too far to travel and gave us the option to dive the Eddystone Lighthouse instead, a difference of about 2 miles! On the way back to Plymouth we did our last dive on the Poulmic, a 350-ton ship requisitioned from France after its surrender by the Royal Navy. This well broken up small ship was sunk in October 1940 either by a mine or bombing by German aircraft.

Overall the weekend diving was very good with visibility much improved to that which we were used to in our normal diving area.

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