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Dolphin detective

Sunday 10 October 2020

A perfect Autumn morning at Portland Marina

Flat calm sea

Neep tides

A perfect day to go diving. And the great thing about going diving is you never know what you are going to see, or who you are going to meet.....

Diving on the wreck of the Countess of Erne. Underwater visibility not particularly good but a lot better that we usually find on this wreck. I was following Andy through the holds when this dolphin glided down behind him and grabbed his leg. Andy thought it was me messing about or wanting assistance and turned round to find himself face to face with our new dive buddy.

He was definitely in the mood to play.

Stayed with us for half an hour

And I am not pulling your leg

At the end of the dive, he followed us back up the line. Most entertaining safety stop I have ever done.

And on the surface, it looked like he wanted to help us get back into the boat.

Best UK dive of 2020. Just goes to show that sometimes the best diving is when you least expect it. Thanks to all my buddy's for a great days diving.

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